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Against Hope: a found poem

Found poetry is created by taking words or phrases from an existing source and re-framing them in a new way, using them to say something of your own. It is a kind of literary collage. The poem below was crafted from a sermon I heard that was actually very hope-filled, but at the time I heard it, it simply gave me words for the hopelessness I was living in.

Against Hope

Tired of desiring?
Do this every day:

First, just give in
to little, lesser hopes.
Look for a crack. Resign.

feel like you are enlightened.
You are awakened (So foolish to hope).

Convert other people. Create a fellowship. Your own little church.
Don’t build (To build you have to risk, dream)

don’t become an atheist. Just keep God
at a distance.
Create your own wonderful plan. Make life work on your own.

Do this
before they throw dirt on you.
It’s safe;
You’ll already be dead.

Found in a sermon given by Ron Johnson
Arranged 3 January 2010