The Ecclesiastes Project

The ancient book of Ecclesiastes details all the exhausting ways we’ve been trying to force meaning into our lives for thousands of years.  We’re still trying them. They don’t still don’t work.

This project begins with age-old quest for meaning, but it invites a response to the questions that is lived more than it’s understood. Slow down and simplify.  Little by little, give more of yourself to the only One who makes meaning out of everything.Ecclesiastes Project

A day-by-day reflection guide outlines a time to pause , read biblical text, reflect on what the passage says, practice  a simple spiritual discipline, and close with candid prayer.  Each day’s reflection should take about 20 minutes, and is best used as a regular weekday time of prayer and meditation (Take a look at a sample).

Nine videos provide thoughtful encounters with the text of Ecclesiastes. They are meant to be personal and confrontational about the ways we try to force meaning into our lives. The videos are like salt blocks, helping us recognize our thirst for something more.

This is a simple undertaking, but not entirely easy. These nine practices ask you to:

  • look honestly at the places where your own life lacks meaning.
  • set aside 20 minutes a day to reflect on ancient Scripture and be with God in a way that may feel awkward to you and doesn’t guarantee results.
  • accept that you won’t do this perfectly, but be willing to try again.
  • join in conversation with others who are also practicing, stumbling and still showing up for what God will do.

What do you say?

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