Against Hope: a found poem

Found poetry is created by taking words or phrases from an existing source and re-framing them in a new way, using them to say something of your own. It is a kind of literary collage. The poem below was crafted from a sermon I heard that was actually very hope-filled, but at the time I heard it, it simply gave me words for the hopelessness I was living in.

Against Hope

Tired of desiring?
Do this every day:

First, just give in
to little, lesser hopes.
Look for a crack. Resign.

feel like you are enlightened.
You are awakened (So foolish to hope).

Convert other people. Create a fellowship. Your own little church.
Don’t build (To build you have to risk, dream)

don’t become an atheist. Just keep God
at a distance.
Create your own wonderful plan. Make life work on your own.

Do this
before they throw dirt on you.
It’s safe;
You’ll already be dead.

Found in a sermon given by Ron Johnson
Arranged 3 January 2010


One thought on “Against Hope: a found poem

  1. As Bonhoeffer said, the peace (safety) we seek is antithetical to being truly alive. Only the peace that God offers gives life, and it costs us, well, everything.

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