Tale Told Twice

Stories repeat themselves. They circle back over us, tell again.

And every time they reappear, there’s a chance a new story will break through, because in the Kingdom of Heaven, the teller and the listener and both part of the tale.

The very best storytellers enter into the world they are telling; they story from the inside out. From the inside, Truth is more real than facts. Facts don’t always tell the Truth, and the only way to make a story truly untrue is to tell it from the outside, in.

Inside-out, twice-told, True stories might just be the most magical, wonderful, intimate, powerful, holy exchange we can have this side of the Age to Come. They are the very best work a human heart is capable of. Heavy duty Kingdom work. And we should never, ever feel powerless in the face of a suffering and broken world as long as we have a story to tell into it or against it or through it. Story is oxygen — invisible but essential. It is a balm to my soul.

If I am ever suffering intolerably, tell me a story or ten or a hundred. And then tell them all to me again. You will be performing miracles, making all things new.


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