All in One Place

Just a note from the…what? Editor? Author? Blogger? Well, just a note from me: You can always tell when I’m too busy to do more than quickly notice what I’m thinking about because I post more quotations than my own words. It’s just nice to have a placeholder, an “Ebenezer,” a breadcrumb that I once passed by this way. So here’s another one of those.


“The more we are alone with God the more we are united with one another.” Thomas Merton

“The process of being conformed to the image of Christ takes place in the midst of our relationships with others, not apart from them. We learn to be Christ’s for others by seeking to be yielded and obedient to God in the midst of our relationships… Every relationship has the potential of becoming the place of transforming encounter with God, and every advance in the spiritual life has its necessary and immediate corollary in the transformation of our relationships with others.” Robert Mulholland Jr.

“Solitude is genuine only when it is inhabited. And the best way not to have people in your way is to let them into your heart.” Alessandro Pronzato


What do you say?

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