Untamed Kingdom

So much of what the media and American culture considers “church” feels safe and cozy to those on the inside, but it’s not really a force for good in our world.

Church should never be confused for Kingdom, though. And the Kingdome of God is like C. S. Lewis’s Aslan — good, but not always safe. It’s a wonderful, wild, unexpected, risky place.

As Howard R. Macy wrote: “The spiritual world cannot be made suburban. It is always frontier. And if we would live in it, we must accept and even rejoice that it remains untamed.”

The question is, how ready are we for the adventure?


One thought on “Untamed Kingdom

  1. I don't feel ready. As I read through Hebrews and Corinthians I feel very restrained by my materialism and emotional ties. I'm like the rich young ruler, turning away sadly from the demands of adventure.(Aside) I love your blog.

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