Old Treasures New

I have been reading through my old journals, returning to glimpses of a self I started to become before I detoured into long, desolate distance.

Tonight, this beautiful gem was uncovered from 1996 — written by an old literary companion, Wendell Berry:

“Care…rests upon genuine religion. Care allows creatures to escape our explanations into their actual presence and their essential mystery. In taking care of fellow creatures, we acknowledge that they are not ours; we acknowledge that they belong to an order and a harmony of which we ourselves are parts. To answer the perpetual crisis of our presence in this abounding and dangerous world, we have only the perpetual obligation of care…

“And so we see that we must be whole ourselves, for the good solutions must come from wholeness, our affection and reverence, not from our sense of duty, much less from desperation.”

~Another Turn of the Crank

So simple a thing as care, so deep an effect.

There is no better place to begin again. If “the antidote to exhaustion is wholeheartedness,” today I give my whole heart to the care of the Kingdom that cannot fail.


What do you say?

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